Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Saw this one on barstool sports today, then got it emailed to me about 1000 times. Also, CSN wants you to know that modern bar stools are available (and a great prop to use when picking up dudes at the Manhole):

I was thinking of flying back to Chitown for this epic battle but the average ticket price for the game is $869. So, yeah, I'll be watching on TV like just about everyone else.

A few key things to watch:

Penalties: In week 3 (when it mattered), the Pack got called for 18 penalties compared to 5 against the Bears. The same ref (McAuely) is working the game on Sunday, and we'll need all the help we can get.

Donald Driver: The Packers have the deepest and most diverse WR corps in the league with Jennings, Driver, Jones, and Jordy Nelson. Every one of those guys can burn you but Driver is the one I'm worried about. We tend to have a tough time defending big physical receivers and our cover 2 is going to force a lot of short slants - we'll contain Jennings deep but Driver has great hands and can run after the catch. Tillman can hang with him but he has been known to miss the occasional tackle... can't have any mistakes on Sunday.

Israel Idonije: In a weird way, Idonije's game will define the defense: Peppers demands a double team (especially with their weak LT), Tommie Harris is playing really well right now and Melton/Adams is always solid. If Idonije can bring pressure from the other end, Rodgers is going to be uncomfortable all game. A few hits big hits from Idonije and they may be forced to run the ball more than they'd like (and yeah this Starks guy is pretty good, but nobody runs on Urlacher/Briggs).

We'll be live tweeting during the game (@luolsdong) taking any and all questions!!



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Talk About High Stakes

"Swear to me!"

First off, before I go into batshit crazy mode, let's take a second here to recap understand what has happened. The Bears allowed the Packers into the playoffs by not finishing the job in Week 17. Instead of watching the Giants get steamrolled by the Eagles (or Falcons), we have watched Green Bay fight against the odds to make it to the NFC title game. Likewise, with a commanding win over the Seattle Junior Mints, the Bears are in the NFC title game as well.

Has there ever been a more exciting Bears-Packers game? Answer: NO. 1941 gets second place, but come on. Winner goes to the Superbowl. Loser goes home. Holy shit.

I'm not going to sit here and break down both team by position. That's stupid. The game is always close, both teams always leave it out on the line, and no matter what happens, you never feel like anyone dogged it.

This is for more than bragging rights. THIS IS FOR THE FUCKING SUPERBOWL. The very same Superbowl that will NOT feature the Colts or Patriots. This is a Superbowl against the Jets or Steelers - two teams that rely on a strong defense to win, but are both certainly beatable. We could very well see the Superbowl winner come out of next week's game.

Tickets are $500 a pop and rising. Who's with me!?

Keggers is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

File Photo

Sorry for you folks that had to see him like that. Frankly, the poor guy gets a little riled up when it's time for Bears playoffs. I mean, did you see that last post? The whole thing was one jumbled paragraph of lunacy. I'm sure last night's dominating win over the Heatles didn't help his mental state (he was last seen running naked down the streets begging Derrick Rose to copulate with him).

Enjoy the game, Bear Down, and we'll be with you to celebrate or drink heavily.

Here's hoping for one hell of a Bears-Packers game next week.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Holy shit the Bears are playing tomorrow. I'm totally drunk and the Bears are playing tomorrow. The Packers just beat the shit out of the Falcons after they had a first round bye and now I'm worried about the Bears being rusty. The Seahawks are feisty and beat us already in the regular season. It's so hard to rally behind Jay Cutler. Did you see that Rick Reilly article yesterday? Just brutal. And totally accurate. Impossible to rally behind Cutler, just a total bag of douche. Anyway. I am drooling over a Bears/Packers NFC championship game at Soldier Field. Literally sporting wood over it. Insane. I hope we crush Hasselback. No way he drops another crazy game like he did last week. The guy just isn't that good. Lynch? Overrated. I think Peppers is going to kill Hasseltits. We need to win tomorrow. Must win. Win or go home. Fuck the Seahawks.

Tomorrow is everything.

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111