Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shaving Cream Pies Are Dangerous

If you've seen a full season of White Sox baseball, odds are you've seen the shaving cream pie during the post-game interview as much as anyone. First rookie win as a pitcher? Cream pie in the face. Clutch hit? Pie in the face. Nick Swisher was bored? You guessed it.

With all of that cream pie-related shenanigans, someone was bound to get hurt:

"With an American League Central title at stake, the White Sox might consider ending one of their post-game victory traditions.

Backup catcher Toby Hall said his right shoulder was fine after teammate Jermaine Dye blocked his attempt at placing a shaving cream pie in his face during a post-game interview following the Sox's 13-5 win over Seattle.

Hall had his right shoulder wrapped in ice but assured reporters he didn't not re-injure his shoulder, which he separated in spring training of 2007."

I understand the "aw shucks I missed him," but an ice-pack!? That's just ridiculous. It's not like his pie toss got blocked and then Dye took him down with a Judo throw or something. At this rate, not only did Toby likely re-injure himself, but he probably did irreparable damage to Dye's fragile forearms too.

In unrelated news, Scott Podsednik heard this story and promptly hurt himself by smiling too hard. He will miss the remainder of the season.

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