Saturday, March 6, 2010

Holy Shit Nuggets


As strange as this is for me to type, I'm going to try:

"It's a good day to be a Bears fan."

Man, that felt really weird. I mean, barring a couple months in the mid-80's, and that brief spurt in 2006, was there ever a time when you were excited for the Bears and not just blindly hoping for the best (see: Cubs fans, 1908-present)? Some of you could argue that Cutler was a good reason to get excited, but we had plenty of holes/issues going into last season.

With Peppers, Taylor, and Manamanwich....whatever, we get a lot of reasons to get excited. First of all, let's talk about Peppers: he is a fucking beast. I don't care if he half-asses it for 30% of all the downs - that's 7 out of 10 downs where he is destroying people. Alex Brown and Mark Anderson don't exactly strike fear into the hearts of men, people.

And now, some video of Peppers ending people's lives:


Let's talk about Chester Taylor - here's a guy who does more than just "spell" Matt Forte. Look at what Taylor did with the Vikings for the past few years: if Adrian Peterson had to miss some time, you wouldn't know the difference from the box score other than that the name "Taylor" is where "Peterson" should be. The Bears toyed with a bruiser like Khalil Bell last year, and while the guy finishes his runs strong, he's not quite developed enough to be someone you trust with the ball. With Taylor, the Bears have their best running tandem since TJ and Benson. Taylor can block, catch, and pound the ball...not to mention that he's the Marshall Faulk-type back that Martz loves. I like this a lot.

Last, but not least, Brandon Manumaluena (I'll get the hang of spelling it eventually) comes in as a blocker in a Martz scheme that he's not only familiar with after spending 4 years with the Rams, but he also serves as an insurance policy to Olsen. As much as I love He-Man, there's a good chance that Greg Olsen gets dealt for draft considerations or a receiver (my dreams of acquiring Anquan Boldin may be shattered now that the Ravens have him, but that doesn't mean that we can't bring in a big posession receivier anyways). If Olsen goes, the big BM can fill that void nicely. And if Olsen stays, you've got an extra tackle in 2 TE sets.

With Urlacher back and the Bears not exactly "finished" this offseason, there is really some room to get excited.

Is it September yet?

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Keggers said...

Um. Go to the 2:15 mark in that Peppers video. Jesus FUCKING Christ.