Monday, November 21, 2011

Cutler Is Dead

It'll be OK...just ask for a double-check discount

Well, that's some lousy news. Cutler, out until (roughly) the playoffs, and during a year where he has largely been everything we paid for and more. Great pocket presence, great accuracy, and great insulin-taking...right when we need it.

So now we have this.

Frankly, I am in favor of what Cutler did on the play that caused all this. It's gutsy and dumb. It's exactly what I like. It's like buying hockey equipment in Mexico. And sure, he may be gone for now, but Hanie is enough to get it done.

Despite all the whining, the real issue here isn't even our team. The Bears have been great - the defense has improved markedly, and since Bennett has been back, there's an element to the offense not named "Forte." Even with Hanie at the helm, I'm not worried about our skill level or ability to win games.

I am worried about the Lions and Packers, who threaten to dominate the division anyways. Why can't we be in the AFC West? Or even the NFC West?


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