Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring on the Hope

Even the amazing fit of Wrangler jeans can't make this a comfortable situation

There's a few things that we can expect in Chicago sports, and one of them is the infamous "wait until next year." Few teams can perform as bad as ours do and still inspire fans that next year is not only the year we post a winning season, but that we manage to go deep into the playoffs as well. The idea of this is so ludicrous it would be the equivalent of Pirates fans expecting to win it all next year, or Detroit Lions fans getting playoff tickets. Preposterous.

After Monday night's nailbiter over the Minnesota Vikings, two things were made apparent. First of all, Devin Aromashodu (Devin #1) is going to be the WR that Cutler trusts. Unlike Devin #2 (Hester), Devin #1 has the ability to be physical, can run his routes, and still has the blazing speed that we like. All things considered, Hester isn't even the fastest guy on this team (Knox, then Aromashodu).

Second of all, we learned that Chris Williams just may be able to play his position. Any time you can keep the Williamseseseses and Jared Allen in check, you must be doing something right. Only one sack allowed - definitely a step up. Subsequently, despite some terrible decisions, Jay Cutler looked awesome, coming through in the clutch with some nice passes to move the chains and score when we needed to.

Before all of you get excited, I would like to point out that this was ONE GAME. That's it. All these pieces have been there for a while now - it's not like they just magically "clicked." We still need some work to make the Bears a better team. If we go into next season without making any changes, we're in the exact same spot we were in this year (maybe not Cutler leading the league in picks, but you get the idea).

Here are some things that WOULD help, though:

#1. An offensive line

#2. A secondary

Certainly not the most "high profile" of positions, and certainly not me calling for Lovie's head on a platter. Still, everything clicks together when these two get upgraded. A better O-Line gives Cutler more time, leading to less poor decisions and more production. A better O-Line also paves the way for Forte/Bell to give us a running game.

As for our secondary, which consists of Tillman waiting for you to catch the ball and then trying to pry it out of your hands, we're up shit's creek. I'm not saying we get Revis or Ashamouga, but additional help will let our Linebackers actually blitz (instead of faking) and will prevent speedy wideouts from torching us every year. This means more stalled drives for not-Bears, and more time with the ball for us, which allows us to run and pass as we please.

If we get some of those elements in the offseason, I'll jump on the insan-o bandwagon. Until then, you'll have to wait for next August for me to do it.


stalkingerinandrews said...

Know what will make the secondary better? A D-line that can get upfield and put pressure on the QB. Even a weak defensive backfield looks good when the front 4 force a Cutler. (Cutler = QB making bad decisions) Yes, the OL needs help, but I would like to see them bring in another WR. I've heard Miles Austin may be available. Why not start him with DA? They way overshot Hester's value, so why not put him back to a kick returner and use him where he should be on offense, a 3rd or 4th WR in the spread package?

If all of that fails, then you have 1 final hope: At the scouting combine, Aurrelious Benn trips and falls running the 40, someone ties his shoes together for the vertical leap, and his hand slips off the bar on the bench press, nearly crushing his windpipe. Then, maybe he'll fall to the middle of the 3rd round.

Gepetto said...

We've invested too much money in Hester to leave him on special teams - especially when Manning has done such a good job there.

As for Miles Austin, I suspect that Dallas will throw the farm at him. Anquan Boldin is better and more available, anyways.

Here's hoping Benn comes down with a bad case of the Bensons for the draft though