Thursday, February 18, 2010

NBA Trade Deadline, Ty Thomas, Joe Noah's foot and Live Dong

Luol Deng in the flesh at MSG. Fucking phone cameras...

Went to the Bulls/Knicks game in NY last night. Turns out, Kirk Hinrich actually DOES suck. I swear to god he missed every single shot last night including ones my fat semi-blind brother could make if he was that wide open. Not only are we stuck with that miserable contract but he's getting worse every season. Gah!

A few other observations:

Tyrus Thomas is fun to watch. He's inconsistent but freakishly athletic. You just know he's gonna throw down a mean dunk when you see the open lane. You know he's dying to swat shots in the paint and you know he's not thinking about foul trouble or the actual game (which is exciting!). You never know what's going to happen with him. I guess we'll have to watch Charlotte games to find out...

Derrick Rose is the shit. He doesn't even look like he's trying while he's dominating. It pisses me off actually... you see Pargo out there busting his ass trying to move the ball and beat Duhon off the dribble and then Rose does it like you woke him up from a good nap and he's hungover. It's insane. I'm sure gonna enjoy watching him and Bosh next season.

The Garden is pretty cool actually, except for those annoying guys the Knicks pay to "rouse" the crowd. They are annoying. Otherwise, all the seats are pretty good, the crowd wasn't particularly hostile and while they know their team sucks, they still care.

Cheerleaders are underrated. Better in person.

D'Antoni might have a hear attack before the end of the season.

VDN is brutal. There were no actual "plays" last night, just Rose creating shots and Deng/Miller hitting them. He needs to go. It's bad for Rose (and Hinrich, apparently). Has anyone gotten better under his coaching?

Deng is silky smooth.

Taj is pretty good.

Brad Miller is awesome and a dirty, dirty thug.

David Lee is wildly overrated.

On the trade deadline: Sucks we couldn't deal Hinrich or land TMac (he'd have actually been a good fit on the Bulls). I'm hopeful we can land Bosh or Wade next year but even if we don't, we didn't destroy our team to try (like the Knicks did).


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