Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some updates...

1) NFL Draft:

Love our draft. We didn't reach or give up picks and we got 2-3 starters who could contribute right away. We also filled positions that we actually needed, instead of taking more skill guys (dime a dozen). I like all 4 picks - all with a lot of upside and solid prospects to play next season. What more can you ask for?

Other draft notes: Josh McDaniels is quickly doing everything he can to get fired and destroy the Broncos, Clausen got picked where he should have (if you suck, you're not slipping when you get picked #60) and can't wait to see Jhavid Best on the field. Dude looks sick.

2) Bulls vs Cavs

Watching game 5 right now (52-46 Cavs) and beginning to smell the stench of first round exit. I couldn't give a shit about anyone on the Bulls other than Rose and Noah right now. I'm tired of Hinrich and his 36% shooting. I'm sick of Brad Miller's dirty playing and I'm bored of VDN's offense. Let's go get Wade (or even Boozer) and then I think we've got some potential to actually win a round before the team blows up. We forget, there is a SMALL window of opportunity in the NBA - injuries, contracts, bad drafts and you've got a 5-6 year window to put together a run and Rose is already headed into his 3rd season (although he keeps getting insanely better... what an improvement in his jumpshot!).

3) Hawks
We're going to win it all. Closed out the feisty Predators without any major injuries. Sharp, Hossa and Kane all look great and Niemi didn't crap his pants. I like our chances back in the Semi's for the second year in a row. I hope the Caps get knocked out tomorrow...

4) Sox / Cubs


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