Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost (in Chicago)

That looks serious. Take notes, Nocioni...

I'm a big Lost fan. After having a few days to digest the finale from last Sunday, I've decided that while the ending was entertaining and heartfelt... it was a let down for such a well made show.

Without getting into the details, I was disappointed that they didn't do more with the story they had built. Once they had set an end date (middle of season 5?), they should have been laser focused on wrapping up the story and driving towards a meaningful purpose. Instead, the end seemed rushed, distracted and mostly irrelevant (superfluous characters, dead end story lines, etc).

And, since I want to post about Lost, why not bring it back home:

Biggest what if:
Chicago: If the Bulls had traded for Kobe last offseason. Turns out the East was weaker than expected - a rickety old Celtics team took out the Cavs and are dismantling the Magic. With Kobe, Noah, Rose and Salmons/random FA, we could have competed with any of those guys.

Lost: Mr. Eko. The dude was the best character on the show for an entire season and was supposed to be a major player. The writers had to kill him off early because he wanted off the show. Dude even got offered big cash to show up just for the finale and declined. Apparently, he REALLY didn't like Hawaii and doesn't need any more money after smuggling drugs for a few years on Oz... (loved Adabeze).

Biggest mystery:
Chicago: The Byfuglian blessing. Ever since we posted about this guy last month, he's been RED hot, scoring goals like they're going out of style. We'll call it the Holy Dongediction (Dongsend?).

Lost: The childbirth storyline. There are a lot of unsolved plot lines that could have gone here (What is the island? What was the point of the Temple? Walt?) but this one was a main plot line for 3 seasons and was directly responsible for contact with the Others (via Claire), Rousseau's craziness, Alpert being off the island, Juliet's arrival, Jin and Sun's revival, and Aaron altogether (Kate's reason for returning). Could have easily wrapped this up with some "exposure to high electromagnetism" answer or some kind of time-travel paradox solution. Disappointing.

Most enjoyable moment:
Chicago: The Hawks going to the Stanley Cup. Not much else to celebrate... maybe the Bulls locking up the 8 seed after Chris Bosh's Avatar face got mushed? The White Sox and Cubs playing like crap? Right. Go Hawks!

Lost: The first flashfoward episode. One of the best TV moments of all time. Just awesome.

Chicago: Tough call but I'd have to go with Rose. In all of Chicago sports, I'm pretty sure he's the most valuable.

Lost: John Locke. Awesome actor, switched characters midway through the season and sold the idea of faith to an ultra skeptical/cynical audience.

Biggest pickup:
Chicago: Julius Peppers. Fingers crossed...
Lost: Ben Linus (was only supposed to be on the show for 3 episodes!)


I could write another 10 pages on this goddamn show but I'm so tired of thinking about it that I' rather just take a nap. Which is apparently a no-no while at the office. I'm also not sure if anyone cares.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the finale and this was a huge spoiler, sucks to be you. It's Thursday, you've had plenty of time. Also, Bruce Willis is dead in the 6th sense, Chris Cooper kills Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are the same person in Fight Club and Soylent Green is people.