Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top 5 NBA Centers right now 2010 into 2011

That's right... prepare for some serious homerism.

Allow me to recap the argument I just had with one fat guy who gambles a lot and a real-life centaur:
- Joe Noah isn't a top NBA center
- There are so many centers better than Joe Noah
- Joe Noah is a shitty offensive player
- Hustle isn't a quantifiable statistic

My rebuttal:
Joe Noah is a top 5 NBA center. If you had to pick a center going into the 2011 season, there aren't 5 guys you would take before him. My list:

1) Dwight Howard
2) Pau Gasol
3) Duncan
4) Bogut
5) Joe "The Big Circus" Noah

I can't imagine someone making a counter argument other than Brook Lopez (Al Jefferson, Amare, David Lee and Boozer are all forwards, - I don't care much for the FC label). With Duncan decaying daily and Bogut losing a fierce game of tug of war with the rim (and subsequently losing a close game of try and smash your arm through the floor), Noah might even be in the top 3.

He's so underrated, it actually bothers me. Not to mention the dude SHOWS up in the playoffs: 15ppg, 13rpg, 3apg, 2bpg. BAM!

Oh, and he's only going to get better when we add a low post presence that frees him up to cut to the basket this offseason...