Monday, June 7, 2010

Hawks in 6

The chick in the Toews jersey is hot. Oh, and that's MJ.

He looks good in that jersey. I think he's been at all the Hawks home games in the finals, which is funny since I don't remember him attending any of the Bulls playoff games... I think he's really starting to hurt our chances of getting a big time FA - we should bring back Pipp, Kerr, Rodman, whoever and showcase them around a bit (we're a loyal organization!!).

Aside from Vince Vaughn, I think he was the only celeb they showed on TV. By comparison, the Lakers/Celtics game had the pope and 97% of the Vatican.

Anyhoo, Byfuglian continues to extend the Dongediction, scores 2 goals and we're 1 win away from the first Stanley Cup since 1961. This is very exciting. I was in Chicago over the weekend and saw more people in Hawks gear than I've ever seen in my life, including when we were popular with Roenick, Belfour and Chelios. Hot chicks too. Must be the ice girls influence:

Sidenote: I think that's the dude from the Office next to Jordan and is the other guy Penny Hardaway? Loved Lil Penny...


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