Thursday, February 16, 2012


So, I don't know if anyone gives a shit, but I happened to snag an interview with the guy who has this insane-o Jeremy Lin card. Long story short, he's been on CBS, the radio, and is planning on making a kajillion dollars tonight by listing it on eBay.

Without further ado, I give you Yair Rozmaryn:

So what's all this about you having "The Best Jeremy Lin Card Ever"?
That's right. The National Treasures Prime Auto Patch serial numbered to 25. I have the #17 out of 25, Lin's Knicks Jersey #.

Do you think Lin can keep this up?
He's a spectacular player and you can't help but wonder how he wasn't highly touted. I believe he has the ability to be an all-star for years to come and not just because of the voters internationally!

Can you pick a comparable player to all the current "Linsanity"?
Tebow is the only one who comes to mind on a national stage, but Lin is going international. I don't think there's any comparison at this moment.

You can't be serious. Pele? Jordan? Really?
Clearly Pele/Tiger are world class once in a generation athletes. Whether Lin will ever become that, who knows. However, I think the comparisons of what they're capable of doing from a marketing standpoint around the world is fair. David Beckham would probably be the most reasonable comparison.

Come on. You know Jordan rules over all. Maybe try and keep this to PGs in the NBA?
Ha, you suck at fantasy football Gepetto!

...Says the guy who hasn't made the playoffs in years. So what are your plans for the card?
Putting it on eBay tonight with the help of my friend Matt. Will be either a 1 week or 10 day auction.

How much are you looking for, and when does it go on sale?
I'm hoping for upwards of $50,000 but we'll see. Ill let the general public determine that.

Well holy shit. How do I get in on that action?
eBay! Bid bid bid!

I hear you also pulled a child out of a burning building last year. Can you provide a little more information on that?
Yes, it was terrifying, but you when you see an opportunity to do the right thing, who wouldn't do the same? Did I mention I did it with a broken leg carrying a litter of baby kittens?

My god. A hero to millions...good luck tonight!

For those of you following this Linsanity, the card goes up for bid at 3:40 PM EST on the air with Fox Business.

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