Monday, March 5, 2012

Bears Hunting for V-Jax? Mario Williams?

Please God, please find me an even less likable quarterback...

Well this is a nice shining beacon of hope in what has been an otherwise brutal few months without football:

"We did not like the franchise number; never did," Chargers general manager A.J. Smith said, according to the team's website. "Vincent will enter the market, and we will see what happens. We would like to have him continue on with us, but other teams now will enter the picture."

Well slap my ass and call me sally - this is the best news yet! Do you mean to tell me that the San Diego Chargers, also known as "That team with the two cripples and Vincent Jackson" have decided to let V-Jax walk? Not even a sign and trade? I mean, I know V-Jax was playing to get out, but this is amazing. The Bears have needed a physical receiver since...forever. Seriously - we have a bunch of finesse/speed guys (Knox, Hester, Bennett) but not a single big body to abuse on fade routes like Cutler did with Brandon Marshall. I'm salivating.

Oh, and did I mention that Mario Williams is available too? Yes, THAT Mario Williams, the one with 53 sacks in the past 6 seasons. Can you imagine a defense with him and Peppers, not to mention that Urlacher and Briggs still live? I've got goosebumps.

While we probably can't get both, one is enough to make a run for the Wild Card easily.

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MichaelWalker said...

hahaha poor V-Jax I can only imagine what it could be like to play alone because he does not have a good quarterback, my friend who is a pay per head bookie agrees with you, he thinks Mario Williams is a good option