Monday, October 5, 2009

We Got This

OK, let's not blow this out of proportion. We're 3-1, but we've still had some work to do. Let's be honest here - EVERY NFL team wishes that they could play the Lions. They are the scum of the NFL and...oh who am I kidding? THE BEARS ARE THE BEST TEAM EVER AND WE SHOULD ALL KNEEL BEFORE THEM. I'm sure this play is going to get way too much coverage, but just look at it:

Wow! That is sheer badassery. Jay Cutler is singlehandedly making this team worth a damn. He's bringing out the best in his receivers, he's taking hits for the team, and he's throwing LASER BEAMS. Kyle Orton is 4-0, and I definately miss his Neckbearness, but 'tis the future. Sure, he may be a whiny emo diabetic bitch, but who cares?

Jay Cutler, we salute you.

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