Thursday, August 26, 2010

And now for a moment of optimism

See this guy? This man has pitched a perfect game, a no-hitter, and led us to a world series. He has been won of the most successful White Sox starters of all time. And for the ultimate indicator of how good the Sox pitching will be in 2010?

He will be our 5th starter next season.

That probably sounds completely insane to most of you, and you may be right. But when you think about it in terms of talent, performance, and youth, you wind up with a rotation that looks something like this for 2010:

#1. Peavy
#2. Floyd
#3. Jackson
#4. Danks
#5. Buerhle

You can't argue that Peavy is the ace - regardless of his health issues, he has a ginormous contract and he has proven himself in the past. If he comes back healthy, he is the staff ace. Floyd and Jackson have been downright filthy this year, with Jackson being yet another magic trick by Don Cooper. Danks got off to a great start this year, and still has the lowest starting ERA on the staff, but just hasn't been as dominant as Floyd and Jackson. And that leaves just one White Sox starter with the "high" ERA of 3.93 (!) this year as the odd man out.

Holy shit is our rotation going to be awesome next year.

In other news, our bullpen will be completely fucked as both Jenks and Putz will no longer be with the club. Oh well. A man can dream...

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