Thursday, August 26, 2010


Let's talk about kitchen tables for a minute.

I know what you're thinking - "Hey, you guys are a sports blog! In Chicago! And you come back from a hiatus with THIS?!" Yes, you feel somewhat betrayed that despite not posting in weeks, the best I can do is come back to you with a discussion about kitchen tables.

What would you prefer I talk about? That Lou Pinella poisoned his own mother to get out of coaching the Cubs? That the Sox are currently in the midst of a tailspin? That Jay Cutler was voted the QB most likely to get injured due to the awful line and Martz system?

Yeah I didn't think so, so let's talk about kitchen tables instead.

Y'see, the good folks at CSN promotions were kind enough to allow a giveaway. A little "somethin somethin" if you get my drift. They do furniture. They want to give you a coupon for said furniture. As such, I propose a contest to determine who wins.

Send an email to our address (you shouldn't get past this part if you can't figure out how to email us) with which Chicago sports player you would like to eat for breakfast at the kitchen table and why.

Best entry will win. Good luck, and I already call dibs on eating Nancy Faust. She's high in roughage!

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