Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reassembling the 1990's Cleveland Indians

As you have no doubt heard, the White Sox have acquired Manny Ramirez. Normally this would be exciting because we are in the midst of a pennant race, but no, the REAL reason this is exciting is because it puts Reinsdorf one step closer to his ultimate goal:

Reassembling the 1990's Cleveland Indians.

Sure, that sound silly - putting together all the elements from a 15-year-old team? Well, it sounded silly until you thought about this:

Position - Player (Played for the Sox in...)
C - Sandy Alomar (2001-2004)
1B - Jim Thome (2006-2009)
2B - Roberto Alomar (2003-2004)
SS - Omar Vizquel (2010 - )
3B - Herbert Perry (2000-2001)
LF - Albert Belle (1997-1998)
CF - Kenny Lofton (2002)
RF - Manny Ramirez (2010 - )
DH - Wil Cordero (1998 )

That is flat-out frightening. Think about that - we have, at one point in time, held the ENTIRE STARTING LINEUP of Indians players from over 10 years ago. AND WE'RE STILL GOING!

Having completed his prized collection of offensive Indians, the race is on to populate the pitching staff. We got off to a good start with Bartolo Colon, Jaime Navarro and Jason Bere, but there's more to be had!

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