Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Respect the Dong!

Damn right Dtosh! "RESPECT THE DONG"

Quick updates, as it's been a few weeks:

1) Bears: Managed to steal another win from the Lions (holy shit those are some suffering fans) thanks to a fake penalty on Suh for trying but thankfully failing to kill Jay Cutler. I'll take it! tough loss to the Pats at home last week but we were due for a turd and there's no shame in dropping it against the hottest team in football. Let's just make sure we can bounce back this week and get a win against the Vikes (hopefully sans Favrenis) and maybe even at a neutral site after their stupid stadium had bad case of explosive Taco Bell-style snow diarrhea.

2) Bulls: Yeah baby! Riding high at 15-8 with 6 straight wins and Boozer is starting to round into form (22-18 last night). Derrick Rose is basically unstoppable and can play through injuries so the rest of the league is fucked.

Kobe said it best:

"I can tell when a player truly wants to be better and does what it takes to improve," Bryant said Thursday, one night before the rematch in Chicago. "It was a quality I had when I was growing up. … I admire that about him. I could really see it from last year to this year."

"He's got a long-range ball now," Bryant said. "He can pop behind the pick and shoot the jumper. He can pull up off the dribble and shoot it, and him getting to the rim goes unquestioned. He's putting the time in the gym, and I certainly respect that."

Also, this is adorable:

3) White Sox: Gepetto covered everything in the last two posts but I'm excited to have Paulie back. It would be weird to see him in another uniform... Also glad to bring Dunn on board, he'll hit a bunch of dingers in the Cell. Now, if we can get our rotation healthy...

4) Cubs:

How can anyone take this franchise seriously anymore? Can't throw money at the problems (well you can. And you did. And you failed.) so now what? The baseball gods show no mercy.


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