Friday, December 3, 2010

Dunn Dunn DUNNNNNN!!!


Well, KW certainly has been busy this offseason. Look at everything he has accomplished in the last 72 hours:

#1. Sox sign Adam Dunn to a 4-year deal
#2. Sox trade Linebrink
#3. Sox sign Pierzynski
#4. Sox non-tender Jenks
#5. Ron Santo dies

Seriously, this is probably the best 72 hours I have experienced as a Sox fan since 2005. You can't argue with that kind of production!

Let's take these one at a time, shall we?

#1. Sox sign Adam Dunn. I like this move, and I don't like this move. On the one hand, it further cements the "Kenny Gets His Man" Mantra, which is something I would have hoped would have been disproved by now. I wouldn't be surprised if the Sox get Rafael Soriano in 2017 just because Kenny wanted him now (see: Griffey, Ken; Ramirez, Manny; Alomar, Roberto).

There's lots of signs that Dunn will play LF or DH next year if Konerko comes back, but as much as Reinsdorf loves Paulie, I can't imagine that he'll open the checkbook that far...especially with Ozzie trying to go away from the longball. Yeah, I know all about this "deferred contract" business, but c'mon.

That said, even though Dunn has more K's than the rest of the Nationals pitching staff combined, the guy can do some serious damage - especially at the homer-friendly Cell. If Paulie comes back, I'll upgrade this from a "passive excitement" to "holy shitballs."

#2. Sox trade Linebrink. Addition by subtraction. The fact that we got money out of this is even better (further evidence that Paulie is returning). Cofield is just a name to attach to this deal. Some would say it's a cash dump, I say I would prefer to start anything instead of Linebrink. Great move.

#3. Pierzynski re-signs. Not sure how I feel about this one. The contract is back-loaded, which means that we're going to be kinda fucked in 2012 when AJ is hitting .230 while commanding $8 million. The $2 million this year shows that he's willing to take a cash hit to get Paulie in (good show), and that we have no faith in Flowers or Castro. I personally think that once Flowers started ignoring the coaching staff's comments on his swing (and his average rose .200 points), he got to a better place. I guess we take a "wait and see" approach. AJ is still a good clubhouse character to have around. Who thought I would be saying THOSE words when AJ signed the first time!?

#4. Sox non-tender Jenks. Thank god. I was actually worried that the Sox were going to try and keep him on for whatever reason, or that they were going to offer Arbitration in the hopes that he declined so that we could get a draft pick. I can tell you right now that I wouldn't pay more than $3 million a year for his services - nowhere near the double-digits that he was expected to get from arbitration. Spooky.

#5. Ron Santo dies. Not sure how you pulled that one off, KW, but I gotta give credit for efficiency where due.

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