Sunday, November 28, 2010


I thought the circus clowns left Chicago last week...

Despite Daryl Johnston's off-field distractions, the Bears just won the biggest game of the season.

We contained Michael Vick, shut down the most explosive WR tandem in the NFL (Jackson, Maclin) and we put up points on the #3 ranked defense (albeit without Asante Samuel).

We are now unequivocally the best team in the NFC and with the Packers losing earlier today, we also have a commanding lead in the NFC North.

A few quick observations:

  • Our offense looks balanced. The fans and weak O-line forced Martz to commit to the run 3 weeks ago. It's not unrelated that we've gone 3-0 since then. Forte is explosive and dangerous with enough touches while the run game as a whole keeps the defense honest, grinds the clock and plays to our O-line's strengths (undersized - stout and quick).
  • Julius Peppers is a constant difference maker. Every play, all game long, he's going 110%. It's insane. He's clearly inspired the rest of the unit to pursue through the whistle (something we've lacked for the last 2 years). Idonije and Melton are clearly learning from Peppers and his motor is contagious.
  • Special Teams gives us a huge advantage. Hester has been incredible (thankfully, they finally decided to rotate him at WR instead of forcing him to be a WR1) and Dan Manning is a beast. we gain an extra 20-40 yards every change of possession. Field position is so underrated.... especially when we have a coffin kick specialist in Maynard.
We're playing inspired football right now. We've got the us-against-the-world-attitude just like we did in 2007 when we went to the Super Bowl. All the "experts" have been saying we're overrated and have huge problems with the O-line and with Cutler's attitude. (Also, I loved his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. SHOW ME THE FIRE, JAY!). Look, if nobody wants to take us seriously, that's fine - see you in Dallas.


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The TPC said...

Dude, love the rip on moose, there is no way on earth fox should allow him to wear that clown outfit to the game.

As far as the bears are concerned, I agree with your assesment and love how the defense is coming together. Briggs and Urlacher are in classic form and the secondary play which at times is shaky has been holding its own.