Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pack Your Bags?

This is a VERY important game for the Bears.

With a win, the Bears go to 6-3 with division wins against the Vikings and Packers and we're looking good for a playoff berth.

With a loss, we drop to a single game above the Vikings and 2 games back of the Packers. We also have a really tough remaining schedule (MIA, PHI, DET, NE, MIN, NYJ, GB) so a win here is critical.

We'd be lucky to go 3-4 in these last seven games and I worry 9 wins won't be enough for the playoffs.

And, of course, if we're not headed the playoffs, Lovie better be able to pack a quick suitcase.

Last time we played the Vikings, Favre carved us up for a million yards. Let's hope we can hit the old man a few times and get a few turnovers (cause god knows we're going to give them the ball at least 3 times).

Big game. Let's go Bears.


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