Monday, May 26, 2008

God Catches Up On Some Unfinished Business


After returning from a nice vacation in the Bahamas, it was back to work for God:

Former major league pitcher Geremi Gonzalez, who won 11 games for the Chicago Cubs in 1997, was killed by a lightning strike in his native Venezuela on Sunday. He was 33. Emergency management official Herman Bracho said Monday that Gonzalez was struck by lightning at a beach.

“The Chicago Cubs are very saddened today to learn of Geremi Gonzalez’s sudden passing,” general manager Jim Hendry said in a statement.

While God Himself was unavailable for comment, a spokesman for The Lord had the following to say:

"God has clocked back in at the office, and is looking to tie up some loose ends before submitting His annual report."

Other "unfinished business" likely includes Matt Karchner, Shawon Dunston, and Dave Clark. It has already been confirmed that Sammy Sosa will remain on this mortal coil as a reminder of the 10 plagues.

Article: Yahoo Sports

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