Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is this for real?

So I was searching the web, not looking for porn, and I came across this video:

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First of all, holy crap that was awesome.

Secondly, that sure looks like classic Jordan.

Has anyone ever seen this or heard about it before? What team is this? Is this legit? I've seen a lot of these Kobe commercials where he's jumping over cars and snake-infested swimming pools, and of course the NFL promo's with Vick throwing a ball into the upper deck etc, so I don't know what to believe anymore.

Someone tell me this really happened!


Nels said...

Here's a highlight reel from the game:

From the YouTube page:
Trieste (Italy) summer of 1986,Stefanel Trieste vs Juve Caserta,Nike exhibition game with Michael Jordan,i recorded it in the year 1986 in a sports program of the Spanish television,i have published the video with the Italo disco song of Moses:We Just (Our Revolution), of the year 86 also,i don't have the game and i don't know if somebody in the world,i believe that this game has not been televised,if you know something about this game please you can say it,Michael Jordan the best forever,you can see to Michael Jordan

Keggers said...

Thanks for the link- I had no idea this game existed and thank god for the footage.


Brandon Blattner said...

holy shit that was ridiculous and i can't believe it's never been circulated before....great non-porn find!

Keggers said...

One of the few...

Connor said...

Despite the non-pornographic nature of the video, I still had a raging boner after watching it - go figure