Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Jordan visual masturbation

With the emergence of non-youtube video databases, I've been watching all kinds of entertaining videos from around the world (including a very intriguing "DVDAWH" collection- apparently WH = "with horse").

I've also been watching some old-school footage of MJ from college that I thought to share with you folks:

A few updates and links to keep everyone entertained:

1) Brian Urlacher brushed the sand out of his vag and decided to end his threatened hold out. Apparently he hasn't shared his notes with Tommie Harris.

2) The Bulls miraculously got the 1st pick and have to decide between Rose and Beasley, which is like having to decide between a free steak or free milkshake.

3) The ChiSox and Cubbies are both in 1st place, which is awesome. Until the Cubs lose 20 straight to end the season out of the playoffs. This will actually happen.

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