Monday, June 30, 2008

First Pitch Awesomeness

Derrick Rose got his first taste of the Chicago sports media this weekend, throwing out the first pitch for the Sox / Cubs interleague game on Saturday.

First off, the dude threw a perfect strike, which is more that you can say for the majority of ceremonial first pitches. Hell, even TPC chucked a wounded duck for the Cubs a few years back and he threw 47 TD's for the division champ Roses back in 01.

The Champ himself:

Here are some other memorable first pitches in Chicago:

Hester the Molester (of opposing defenses)

The other El Prez throwing heat

Hottie Marissa Miller

MJ for the Sox

Romo- another lovable loser

Let us know if you have any other famous/hot celebrity throwers and we'll track down some photos.

Also, congrats to the Sox for sweeping the Cubs at the Cell, keeping the all-time deathmatch record tied at 33-33. More on that to come...



The TPC said...

First of all, Im happy to see the Dong back in action. Thank you for the shout out, if I recall correctly, they clocked my pitch at 96 MPH.

Also, great pic of me, where did you find that?

Hey remember last week when the cubs swept the Sox?

Keggers said...

It was 97 MPH...

The Cubs suck.

I stole that picture from