Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Hawk REALLY Thinks About During the Broadcast

Good afternoon sports fans! We're coming to you live on a particularly chilly day in Chicago. The Sox are playing the Detroit Tigers in the hopes of completing a three-game sweep with a victory today, right Hawk?


The sacks are packed with Sox, and we're down a run. One out, one on, with ducks on the pond for Thome.

Thome hits a line drive, deep! Stretch! Get on back there!

Dadgummit! Ate him up! Can of corn for Granderson.

Yeah, that was a pretty good pitch by Verlander. Notice how he pitches the ball over the plate, forcing Thome to try and put that one into play. Good effort all around.

Paulie steps into the box...and hits a line drive! This one goes way back!

He looks up...

You can put it on the board...YEEESSS!!!


stalkingerinandrews said...

Well, I'm not sure if that was worth reading or not. Oh, well, see you next month.

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