Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anderson Update

"You're being traded! You too!"

Because I am incapable of letting go on this whole "Brian Anderson" thing, I thought it would be nice to do a quick "where are we now."

Brian Anderson: After starting off his time in AAA Pawtuckett slowly, Anderson is now 7 for his last 25 (.280 avg) with 2 HR. I'd like to say that the "Anderson effect" is in play here, but it's a moot point because the team is so awful. How awful? Before Anderson came the team record in July was 3-14. Since coming on board, they are 4-9. Not exactly a savior in the midst, but it's something.

DeWayne Wise: Since Anderson was traded, Wise has exactly two hits. Two. This 2/15 stretch run actually IMPROVES his average, as he is at a Royce Clayton-esque .193 avg. Pathetic.

Mark Kotsay: One hit since joining the club for an overpowering .077 average. I don't even want to talk about it.

White Sox: We're 6-7 since Anderson left town. To compare, in the first half of July we were 9-7. We also lost critical series to the Tigers and Twins with a miserable 1-6 run (until, strangely, Alexei got hurt...)

Oh, and just to rub salt, here's Richard's line against the offensive-heavy Brew-crew: 5.2 IP, 1 ER, 5 Ks.

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McDoofus said...

Yep. I told you Pawtucket was awful. They managed to pull out a win yesterday even though Anderson didn't play (except as a late-inning defensive replacement. Why does that sound familiar?). But yeah, those guys are beyond hope.

I'm glad Anderson's doing pretty well. Compared to the rest of the Pawtucket hitters he's like an offensive god or something. It's just too bad he's got so many guys to jump over before he can even sniff the Red Sox's big league roster. It's a long shot, to say the least.