Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brandon Lloyd

Is this guy the real deal or did we just get screwed?

I mean, he makes some nice catches but his stats aren't impressive and he doesn't look too quick. We still need a deep threat (even with Hester in there) and I don't think Lloyd gives us that dimension.

I think Moose - Booker is a push but Berrian to Lloyd is a clear downgrade and we haven't really done anything to offset that issue. However, if we draft a WR, I will kill Jerry Angelo with my own two hands. Why didn't we go after Stallworth?

Lloyd was decent for a few weeks on the 49ers but that's about all I can remember of him (not a good sign, since I remember some pretty obscure shit).

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Anonymous said...

I remember him being pretty good at Illinois, but I haven't seen him do shit in the pros..seems like we may have just resigned another Rashied Davis