Wednesday, March 5, 2008

OK, on three: GranpaWolfhouseLandfillGreatGamGamandAmerica!

Standing up for what makes this country great.

Just when you thought no one cared about the good of this country, there are people that are willing to stand up and do what's right:

Chris Singleton is getting out of the White Sox broadcast booth, and in his place, we get Steve Stone.

This is amazing on multiple levels -- first of all, I don't think anyone liked Singleton. He sounds half-asleep when talking, and fully asleep otherwise. He provided nothing for Farmer to work with, and the two of them just didn't seem to have any chemistry from the get-go. Best of all, the Sox didn't have to fire him -- ESPN wanted him. Where else can you get a dry commentator who doesn't have the ability to put together a coherent sentence? Oh yeah. ESPN.

To further sweeten the deal, we get Steve Stone (a recent convert) to provide much needed color commentary. Stone filled in for a couple games last year, and really brought some of the action to life. He's generally well-liked, and doesn't have an incontinence issues.

I approve.


Joseph said...

this move might actually make white sox games listenable on the radio . u might actually know what is occuring on the field instead of being confused by the innerworkings of chris singeltons mind.

stalkingerinandrews said...

u will always know what is occuring on the field...

Fixed it for you.