Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Fuck You THREE Times

Told ya.

Marty Booker inked to a two-year contract (one year too many) with the Bears yesterday, giving the Bears a body that they can call their WR#1 to avoid giving Hester a huge payday as the best receiver on the squad. He should provide some friendly experience for Hester and Davis, and probably came cheap (contract terms were not disclosed).

That's pretty much it for the good news. The bad news is, this means the Bears are done upgrading the receiving core. This is a desperation "well, we better do SOMEthing" move, and signals a shift in planning. If Booker is the answer to our receiving problems, lord knows the answer to our O-Line problems.

Hopefully we trade our pick and Mark Bradley to get a slightly higher pick with which to take Otah or Long. Bradley was demoted to 8th (?) receiver last year, can't stay healthy, and makes Peter Warrick look like a success.

Please -- do it.

In other news, The Grudge Match of the Damned has been delayed due to a lack of contestants. If you have any ideas for competitors, leave them in the comments and I'll post one as soon as I get something to work with.

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The TPC said...

good call gepetto, you called this a while ago. What about ben wallaces fro vs. drew goodens beard/weird patch