Friday, March 21, 2008

The Bulls Suck

I could've stayed home and masturbated...

If anyone was stupid enough to stop watching the NCAA tournament last night and saw the Bulls "game", you probably felt like we would have put up a better fight with a college roster.

Last I remember, we were losing by around 30 and Tony Parker looked like Michael Jordan. I thought maybe I had drank too much, but alas no, we just fucking suck balls. We have no defense, our offense consists of Luol Deng and Ben Gordon shooting a lot and Samurai Gooden getting some weakly defended layups.

What happened to our team?

More importantly, how can we let a queef like Tim Duncan talk shit about us like this after the game??:

"Luckily enough we have a game tomorrow so we didn't have to go back into the game in the fourth quarter."


I just checked the box score and Larry Hughes (you know, the guy who's famous from this AWESOME blog: shot 4-12 in just 28 minutes.

We could probably make a solid lineup with Gooden, Hinrich and Deng at the core... why not make a REAL fucking trade already and finally get someone that can score in the post? The draft is coming up although we are still mathematically in the playoff hunt... is it too early to hope for losses?

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Anonymous said...

Caption for the Gooden pic = Awesome