Friday, March 14, 2008

New impact guys for 08

Looking towards this season, the Bears have some pretty solid talent coming off the IR from the past few drafts:


I love me a good mullett and I love me a good interior D-linesman. This guy is going to be good and was meant to replace Tank until he got hurt. Let's see what the honkey can do!


“He has a lot of talent,” Smith said. “He’s what we’re looking for at that (weakside) linebacker position. He doesn’t have great size, but he has skill, good quickness, good speed, his change of direction is real good and he’s been a playmaker. We’re anxious to put him into the mix.”

Nice. And Lovie is never one to mince words either.


This guy is just a straight playmaker. He was in 3 games last year, didn't do much but didn't look out of place, even with Manning, Tillman and Archuleta out there. God I hope he can replace Archuleta- this guy misses more tackles than TPC gets handjobs from older men (ie: a lot).

All in all, I think we have a strong class of players coming back from various injuries this season and it should give us some young depth to look forward to in case the Bears fuck up the draft. Which would be picking any offensive player in the first round.

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Ricky O'Donnell said...

Great post. I'm good Dusty fan, but it's a little suspect that he's 27 and has played in one NFL game. Kevin Payne can be a stud, as well. The Bears are good with DBs from Louisiana. Well, besides for Ro Williams.