Friday, March 7, 2008

Doing in Distress

You can achieve that same effect with loved ones with a well-timed Dutch Oven

As you may (or may not) have noticed, the Dong has been a little barren as of late. As the de-facto leader and majority poster, it's my responsibility to keep you busy with the latest and greatest Chicago Sports News.

Unfortunately, a change in employment has seen my time ultimately consumed -- and in a place with monitored internet to boot! As such, I'm finding it extremely taxing to create one post a day, if that (see: yesterday).

I don't want to say this is the end of the Dong -- we worked too hard to bring you some of the best the web has to offer. As it stands, we just don't have the manpower to bring you the entertainment you deserve. From here on out, we're looking at maybe one post a day, if that. It's that bad.

Tell us what you want to see, and we shall listen. Otherwise, this may be the end of Luol's Phallic Providence as we know it.


stalkingerinandrews said...

This site has become one of my more enjoyable escapes during the long, boring workday. It would be a shame for me to have to find another site. Please don't take it down if at all possible. But if you must, I will wear a black veil in mourning. (No, there will not be pictures.)

Keggers said...

Dude- we don't want to take down the site...

We'll fight like animals to keep it going but just expect far less content and slightly more irregular posting.

Tell your friends to spread the word. If we get big enough (or big at all) we can do this ish full time!