Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Book(er) It

You're sending me where?

I always liked Marty Booker -- he was a great receiver with the Bears, and made the loss of Marcus Robinson seem like nothing (much the way the acquisition of Mushin Muhammad was completely negated by Berrian stepping up his game). Then we traded him. The Bears lost Booker and a 3rd round pick (2005) in order to get Ogunleye, and it looked like the passing offense was doomed.

We all know how Ogunleye has turned out -- he's been an absolute monster, and we love him. Booker went to Miami where he was unused, unloved, and generally ignored in favor of Chris Chambers and this year, Ted Ginn Jr. Oh, and that draft pick? Channing Crowder. He's a solid LB, but he'd never start on a team with Urlacher and Briggs. Also, he enjoys driving his truck into trees. Maybe he would be an adequate replacement for Briggs.

This could easily be the Bears' personal "Harold Baines" trade.

Booker has publicly mentioned that he would like to return to the Bears. As he was recently (and unceremoniously) dumped by the Dolphins, it's just a matter of a quick signing to get the job done. Booker is a bit older than I would like (he's turning 32 this year), but he could come very cheap between the off-year and the hometown discount.

What to do with Booker is a different story. We have a lot of young talent (Bradley, Hester, Davis...etc) that should be able to fill in nicely, but we'll have a problem with a bonafide #1. I expect Berrian to be gone this offseason, and I don't know if Mushin Muhammad can really keep the pressure off of another receiver to make this offense function. If we bring in Booker, we have some experience and depth to play with, and maybe someone to open the field like Berrian does (or did).

Or, hey, get Randy Moss.

That's OK with me.

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