Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trick question, Ditka IS god...


Obviously the most important part of the superbowl was that against all odds, Ditka predicted a Giants victory.

Having lost the regular season to heavy favorite Keith Jackson, Ditka stuck his neck out on Sunday and nobody gave the old man a shot.

Jackson had been extremely accurate all season while Smith and Johnson proved to be a formidable 1-2 punch in the playoffs. Ditka barely eeked into the playoffs by edging Mortenson 171-168 and picking against all odds, he predicted the biggest upset in Superbowl history.

Picking against hall of famers like Emmitt Smith, and Keith Jackson would have been hard enough but going against all 4 opponents in front of a record crowd would crush lesser mortals. Clearly not intimidated by Brady's strong arm and good looks, Ditka was able to anticipate a strong Giants pass rush and an unflappable (retarded?) Eli Manning. And, if you look closely, you could see Ditka licking Plaxico's tears...

Being such a huge underdog and picking the biggest upset in history, Ditka was thoughtful in his response:

"Who the fuck are you? Stop talking to me."

Graceful, elegant and always appropriate: Mike Ditka.

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