Monday, February 25, 2008

Bulls play tonight

Mark my words...

The Bulls play the Mavs tonight at 7:30pm CT.

Fuck the Jason Kidd story (he's old, beats his wife and immediately after trading him, my fantasy team has jumped 5 spots), I've got a better headline for you:

Tyrus Thomas Dominates.

That's right, i'm making the call right now. From this point forward we are going to see a totally new Tyrus. Not the spark off the bench when Wallace was tired, and not the athletic freak who couldn't fit in the offence. We're going to see a mature true PF who can bang in the post and keep a posession alive after the first shot (in addition to his tenacious D).

Sometimes a player needs more than teaching, he needs a situational change that allows him to be more effective and gain confidence. I think this trade opens the door to a very balanced offense, and one in which Tyrus can be the centerpiece.

Now that Wallace is gone, Tyrus is being given the space to operate with Gooden/Hughes pulling off double teams and BoGo nailing 3's. I'm sure this was also in the back of Pax's mind when he pulled the trade last week.

I'm excited to see this guy finally emerge... I'm sick of the 1st round disappointments.

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Brad said...

Tyrus blows. The guy is a pf/center and weights 210 pounds. He can't shoot.