Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rex Grossman Part 2

This, dear Chicago friends, is 6 minutes of the future. Sure his given name is Joe Flacco, but around here he will be known as The Future -- unless of course you people come up with something else. Sometimes the funny escapes me (Ed's Note: The Flaccid?). The Future is a 6'6" hulking piece of man meat for whom the Bears (and Keggers) have a sizeable hard on. The announcers take turns felating him as he throws the deep ball (74 yards), and he has a charming interchange with Michigan dwarf Mike Hart.

Whether or not he can throw a 10 yard out pass does not appear to be of much concern to the fine folks at ESPN, and I have no idea whether he is mobile or if he even has feet. Past injuries? Personality issues? Not important. What I do know is that he can launch that pigskin.

I say get him. It's not like we've had trouble with this before, right?



Gepetto said...

Falco? The Flake? The Flaccid? Fluke-O?

I say we go for Brennan.

stalkingerinandrews said...

Early on, the announcers are talking about him leaving Pitt for Delaware. I think we should draft him on that fact alone. At least we know he has enough sense to get away from Wannsteadt.