Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And I Thought It Was Zell's Inside Man

When Flintstones go bad

Simply getting robbed of a division title is SO last century.

The Cubs decided to get a kick start on losing year #100 by just getting flat-out robbed.

"Todd Robert Smith, 44, was arrested Saturday and accused of taking items from a number of locations including the Chicago Cubs training facility...The Cub players were pitcher Jeff Samardzija, catcher Jake Fox and outfielder Tyler Colvin. Police said all three players had personal items stolen, which included checkbooks, cell phones and credit cards."

When Sam Zell said he was going to squeeze every penny out of this franchise, he wasn't kidding! Interestingly, Smith confessed to the Cubs burglaries, and hundreds more. Why? Because he's addicted to meth. Seriously -- that was his excuse. I've got to remember to do that next time I get into trouble.

More importantly, why steal from a football player, a rookie/spring training invitee, and a career AAA catcher? Not a single one of these players is useful or has a full-time spot on the team -- whose bright idea was it to skip over Fukudome's locker? You could just tell him that it was "American Taxes" that charged over $1,000 at a local Wal-Mart.

Welcome to Spring Training, indeed.


little_red_cookbook said...

go back and blog on Liquid Meat.

Gepetto said...

Play nice, Tiff.

Papa Rock said...

Cubs - a guy on meth - yeah I can see the connection. 100 years of futility - bathroom troughs - and falling concrete - Go White Sox!!