Friday, February 8, 2008


Takin it to the Barn

Yadda yadda, Bulls win 114-108 without Deng, Hinrich, Gordon, blah blah, Duhon scored a lot of points, blah.

Enough about that... what in the hell is this:


Wait just a minute there... it doesn't say he's injured and Gray's website (here) doesn't say there was a family emergency or anything like that...

Which begs the questions: WHAT THE FUCK IS BOYLAN DOING? You don't bench your best player for no reason! Especially not after you lose Khrypface for the season due to general inactivity.

Clearly there is something else going on here. Sure we all have our theories but this seems to be the most plausable explanation from all the different ones I've heard (2, btw):

Aaron Gray's penis is too big for his NBA regulation shorts.

Ok, so yes, I admit that he's white and has pretty long shorts but nevertheless, we have not failed to notice the heat that big Gray is packing (apparently, the rest of the team calls him "Beef").



He may also have gotten in trouble with Boylan for starring in this Will Ferrell commercial:

Bud Light Super Bowl Ad: Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon, Semi-Pro

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bloomerang said...

The funny thing is, this may not even be the most gay thing Keggers posts today.

Gepetto said...

True enough, and disturbing on top of it.

I'm wondering if he even watches the games, or just imagines beneath the shorts.

Keggers said...

Oh those are called basketball games? I though they were floppy cock contests...