Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aaron Gray carries Bulls to victory

The Loins

Aaron Gray carried the Bulls to victory last night over the Sonics 118-108.

While Joe Smith put up some great numbers (while fighting the flu nontheless!) it was Gray's 14 points on 6/10 shooting that sealed the deal.

Showing true leadership with Deng and Tyrus out, Gordon hurting, Smith sick and Hinrich out in the 4th quarter, Gray took the team on his back and overcame 20 from Durant to single handedly bury the Sonics.

Completely tangentially, the Sonics are the worst fucking team I've ever seen and we dropped 118 easy points without 2 starters.

From Pax:

"Aaron’s makeup is perfect for our team,” Paxson says. “It’s no secret that we’ve been looking to get bigger and stronger on the front line. Aaron is a player who can do the things we need a big man to do. He’ll hit his shots inside, he’s no-nonsense under the basket and he’s not a guy who’s afraid of contact."

Damn right! Aaron Gray will destroy you!

Is it.... photoshop time? Is it?


No wai


Best one yet!

I know, I know, I'm amazing. Stop, seriously, I don't need all the compliments. Yeah, so what if it took 4 hours? Is it not worth it? Look at that photoshop job! I have a fucking GIFT! What's that? Yes, I sign autographs.


Gepetto said...

The sad part is, that IS your best one yet.


Brad said...

What's impressive about this photoshop is not that you posted a horrible dinosaur head on gray's body, but that you actualy took the time replicate some of the crowd and place it in white spots.

This is fucking terrible. I love it.

Keggers said...

Of course I did, I'm a fucking professional.

Nobody mentioned the JERSEY? That shit took 45 minutes!

I'm like the monet of photoshop.