Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yeah, He's a Catcher

(Catcher of the future, half man half machine)
If you are like me and the first thing you do in the morning is check Yahoo! fantasy, then you were greeted with the same amazing picture. Geovanny Soto on the cover of the Yahoo! Sports fantasy page as "the catcher of the future." I'm just so excited that people (national media) are catching on (ha! a pun!) to how good Geovanny will be. The guy is fucking awesome. He hit over .350 last year in the minors and was fantastic when he played in the bigs.

Now I'm not going to do what I always do and predict that the Cubs are going to win it all (even though Ryan Dempster said that yesterday), but I will say our lineup will be the best in the National League. In our shitty division, it doesn't take much more than two people over the age of 16. We have no real weaknesses, and with the addition of Fukudome and the emergence of Soto, the Cubs lineup is for real. Now if only we had starting and relief pitching...we would be amazing.

(Here's the Sox new Catcher, just like AJ)


bloomerang said...

Preach on, Brother! It's nice to finally have a catcher, and not a selection of shitty catchers from which to choose. The days of Michael Barrett are over.

Gepetto said...

Are you actually going to complain about Michael Barrett who hit .300+ in 2006? Wow, Cubs fans are douchebags.

bloomerang said...

So by that rational, you are a big fan of the Jermain Dye who was an MVP candidate in 2006, right? And I guess you also really are happy with what the starting rotation did in the post season 3 years ago, correct?

Yeah, I guess in sports it IS too much to ask that pro atheletes perform to the best of their abilities every year. Every other year is fine, right? Sheesh it's not like they're getting paid for it.

Gepetto said...

I never said I was happy with Dye last year. But I'm not about to complain. It would be like complaining about Buerhle in 2006. The guy is a monster -- one bad year. SHeesh.

bloomerang said...

I'm sure I speak for all Cubs fans when I say that if you want Michael Barrett, you are welcome to have him. 'You' meaning the White Sox, or any team in the NL Central.

Monster? Hardly. He had one good year at the plate and defensively he was mediocre at best.

Hubs band shahs said...

I will like to stick my hand in him deeper and feel his nut until he bust a nut in his baseball trouser.