Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dalibor Bagaric?

You smell fantastic!

Yesterday, someone mentioned our good friend, Dalibor Bagaric. Frankly, I didn't remember him at first -- it's one of those names that stands out as unusual, and vaguely familiar, but no memory. Thankfully, I am unable to recall Bagaric sucking horribly alongside -- who else -- Dragan Tarlac.

Today isn't a "What The Hell Happened To," though, because Bagaric is still playing (which disqualifies him). However, PRAISE THE LORD, Bagaric has made the news (Link is in Croatian, good luck with that).

Using the power of Babelfish, intuition, and two types of cheese, I can decipher the majority of the article. Apparently, after "gracing" the Bulls in 2000 with his obscenely good 3 points and 3 REB per game (as a CENTER), Bagaric jumped around Europe (with Tarlac, interestingly enough). Most recently, though, he signed a one-year deal with Fortitudo Bologna (roughly translated: Fortunate Lunchmeat) and then refused to play.

"Centar Girone, Dalibor Bagarić od prošlog ljeta je u sukobu s Repešom kada je izbornik prijavio Bagarića FIBA-i jer je samovoljno napustio pripreme pa prije svega u tomu treba tražiti razloge otkazivanja."

No, I didn't fall asleep on the keyboard -- that's the important part of the article.

According to this gibberish, Bagaric is in deep shit. He got in trouble with the team back in 2006 for leaving camp because he felt like it (or, according to the translation "Was in mood to feel"), and in 2007 refused to report to the Croatian national team for Eurobasket 2007 because he didn't like the coach (Jasmin Repesa), who also happened to be the coach that chewed him out for leaving camp without a reason.

I mean, we'll always remember Bagaric for NOT doing things like this:

But most recently, we have this video. This is a fan (likely not Bagaric) who has put his love of the center into song. "Daliboooor Bagariiiiic, Lalalalalala." As you can see, his date is obviously mortified.

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