Monday, February 11, 2008

Getter Done Jon

(In Russia this is how the menfolk stay warm)

Yesterdays headlines revealed that preliminary talks between the Jazz and Bulls might send Ben Wallace to the Jazz for Andrei Kirilenko.

Why wouldn't we do this?!

Ben Wallace is an aging center who comes nowhere near earning the money we pay him. Kirilenko is a solid defensive player who can actually SCORE down low. His upside is huge, and although he has been injured, he has also been at odds with Jerry Sloan for a while and is itching to get out of Mormon town.

Just think of our starting lineup:
Tyrus Thomas C- The man needs to get minutes so we can decide whether we will keep him or not
Andrei Kirilenko PF
Luol Deng SF

With Ben Gordon, Noc, Joakim Noah (and of course, Aaron Gray) off the bench we can actually put together a decent winning streak.

We need to mix things up -- the trading deadline is the 21st. For Godsake, Paxson, stop watching your game winning three-pointer vs. Phoenix and get something done! We are miraculously still in contention for the playoffs, and with a new acquisition, we might be able to make a second half run.

Sorry big Ben, I love the fro but you gotta go.

(He's going to fit right in the Salt Lake City scene)

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Gepetto said...

I think we should just ride Gray to the playoffs. Let him play every night, and at any position.

Keep feeding him Baby Ruth bars, and this kid is a winner