Tuesday, February 12, 2008

64 Channels and Nothing On

Well the Cubs tv schedule has been released, and I now have the privilege of knowing just how many games I will get to watch in the comfort of my Brooklyn apartment. Would you like to know? I bet you would. Are you ready? Make sure you're paying attention.

Number of games in an MLB Season: 162

Number of games Aaron will get to see sitting on his couch: 5

No, seriously, how many games will Aaron get to see this year? 5

Come on, quit fucking around. I know he lives in another state, but it's the Cubs. They're a big market club and they're entering their 100th year without winning a championship. They're in the top 10 road attendance teams in all of sports every year. So now honestly. Tell me how many games: 5

This is one place where I feel that, although it will never happen, there should be a strike in baseball. With the amount of games there are in a baseball season, it is crazy that the structure of the league doesn't allow for viewers to view their teams outside of the market. It does get worse though. Let's say I did purchase the MLB package, which I've done before. That still doesn't allow me to watch 162 Cubs games. On FOX games, for example, unless I'm in Chicago I can't see the game. Even my purchase of $300+ worth of baseball watching doesn't allow me to watch certain games. Every other sport seems to have figured this out, but not baseball. No, they want to keep their steroids and their no salary cap and their enormous pickup trucks. Meanwhile out of town fans such as myself have to wait around for the 5 (five) times a year I get to watch my team play on television.

Actually, I guess it's 8 times if you count the 3 post season games we will lose.

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