Friday, February 22, 2008

Around The Horn

Dumping links like a guy who ate too much sausage:

#1. Gotta have hustle in this town. It got Podsednik two extra years of suck, didn't it? Props for remembering that Gault existed. [Top Ten Chicago Sports]

#2. Finally! I can support Obama AND my love of baseball attire! [Big League Stew]

#3. Swagger-watch is officially in full swing. Let's see if AJ and Swisher try and get the stooges back together. [Sox Machine]

#4. The cheapest franchise in baseball this? [On 205th]

#5. The Bulls made some trade yesterday or whatever, but Toma Ohka!? WOW! [Foul Balls]

#6. If this is a common response to showboating, Tiger Woods had better watch out. [Deuce of Davenport]

#7. Sick, twisted, and unusually thought-provoking. Tough call. [Chicago Bull]

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