Friday, February 29, 2008

Sox Spring Training Results: Game 2

Not starting is SO awesome

I posted some (mostly rhetorical) questions before yesterday's Sox/Cubs games -- things that are important, really. Here are some quick answers based on yesterday's games.

#1. Fukudome. Can he really hit (HBP so far)?

As far as I can tell, Fukudome seems to be OK. He got drilled on the first pitch of his first at bat, walked in his second at-bat, and got an RBI single in the third at bat. I think he'll be fine.

#2. Swisher. Ditto.

Swisher started leadoff (a move Jim from Sox Machine loves), with a solid performance of 1/3 with a walk and a 2-run double. He got behind in the count a lot, but he's a tough out. I don't think he should be playing CF, though -- he doesn't look too comfortable in the outfield. I say we trade Thome and let Swisher play 1B or LF (and let Fields play 1B with Crede at 3B). You heard it here first.

#3. Contreras going to rebound?

Apparently, yes! Contreras had three solid innings, giving up only one hit (which scored on an error). Low K counts can rise later on, so I'm not too worried. Keep it up, Jose!

#4. Dempster can start?

Apparently. A solid game from Dumpster, even though he let Randy Winn send one out of the park. I think the Cubs would be better off with him in the bullpen and letting Marquis or Marshall take the last SP spot.

#5. Brian Anderson fights for a roster spot

I officially have been a big BA supporter, and that doesn't stop now. BA went 2/5 with two RBI and one CS. I like that he's running -- that shows faith in giving him a green light. If he can keep up this pace, he might actually take Richar's roster spot (Ramirez looks absolutely incredible -- I can't imagine any other setup than Ramirez/Uribe at 2B).

#6. Crede's back

Yes, he is. Crede started at 3B, but really only had one play come to him, and he botched the throw (luckily Kornerko snagged it and made the tag). He needs to see more action to have a better idea of what's going on. He was 0/2 at the plate with a walk, though.

Notes for today's game against the Diamondbacks:

#1. Dotel. Let's see what you've got.

#2. Jerry Owens is back -- make us proud.

#3. Josh Fields -- can he bring the heat?

#4. Where is MacDougal?

#5. Has Jermaine Dye done anything?


Marc said...

Do you really think that Swisher is going to make much of a difference to your all ready shitty team? Everyone knows you over paid for his ass. Yes I know this is coming from a Royals fan, but your team has no chance of being any good this season. Your manager got lucky one season and won the whole thing. His true colors are shining in the last few seasons. He is an idiot and has no clue what he is doing. The only press he gets are for his outrageous tirades.

Gepetto said...

Hey, I'm rooting for the Royals to come out of the gutter this year. You're going to bring Japanese work ethic with your new coach, and dominate with Sweeney -- not on the team? -- Beltran -- gone for a while now -- and even Ross Gload!

Seriously. Name me one reason you guys wouldn't be eating last again this year.