Monday, February 4, 2008

Asshole? Check. Coach? Check. Belichick? Check.

"Um, my dong is in your mouth. And I looped it around your eye for good measure."

Those who know me understand that my football IQ is zero. I sucked at the game as a kid, never understood why anyone would watch grown men would kill each other for balls (other than seeing Keggers at his weekly gay strip club), and generally just never got into it.

Having said that, last night's game was fucking incredible for many reasons. Of most import to me, however, was that Belichick finally got a national TV kick in the scrot. Did you see that pansy duck out before the game was actually over? We're talking about the super bowl here! Go and give the other coach a pat on the ass at least, for gods sake.

This brings up the topic of asshole coaches. I can think of many - aside from Belichick who suddenly looks like he's going to be investigated by the feds (as if there isn't a war or anything else important for the government to tend to, like steroid scandals).

Pat Riley. Tony LaRussa. Bobby Knight. Lenny Wilkens. And who could forget - Saul Shaul.


The TPC said...

ba, I love the Saul Shaoul mention, totally an asshole. I remember one time he whipped the ball at me and broke my glasses, then made me take a charge while he ran full steam from half court.

Keggers said...

TPC- I remember that. It was right after he slapped my balls checking for a cup.

Oh yeah, then there was the time I missed a wide open layup and he threw a chair at me.

Brad said...

...I think that was when you HAD a wide open layup and instead threw the ball behind you.

shooter said...

The thing is,you guys weren't very good!