Friday, February 29, 2008

A Good Idea?

Hello Chicago!

Isaac Bruce was cut by the Rams today, and he might just be worth a flier with the Bears. Bruce runs great routes, and has good hands -- he may not be as agile or fast anymore, but he's still a threat. With Bruce available (and likely not too expensive due to his age), why not take a chance on him? Give him a 2 year deal, and let him teach our youngters what they lack -- route running skills and hands.

We know Hester can burn it up. So can Davis, and even Bradley. They're all speed demons. We have to assume that Berrian isn't coming back, and you can't just plug Hester in as the "leader" in a group of more experienced recievers. Let Bruce come in and lead the way, providing an example of work ethic and groin issues. Not only could he make the offense better just by showing up, but he might be able to turn Hester into a Torry Holt type player on offense.

If the price is right, Bruce should be here.

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