Thursday, February 7, 2008

Puttin' On The Vik'

Look! A White Russian after a few White Russians!

In an interesting turn of events, Viktor Khryapa will be going back to Russia because he doesn't get enough playing time. The Bulls now have to select from utter garbage to fill their injury-laden lineup. This raises two really interesting points:

First, if you're a team as bad as the Bulls, you think you'd be able to find some time to play one of Paxson's "genius" picks, right? It's not like benching players would be a way to show a LACK of faith in them for SHITTY performance (here's looking at you, Gordon and Wallace). Khryapa probably should have gotten more time than he did -- and they certainly could use him now.

Second, has anyone ever heard of a player doing this? I was under the impression that if you were in a "contract year" the objective was to play your heart out to earn that new contract. Show your new potential suitors that you're a guy who gives 110% and won't just walk away from a lousy season. Be happy to be a role player, Vik.

Seriously, though: can you do this is ANY sport (honestly, I have no idea)? If you can, does anyone see John Gilmore opting out of his contract with the Bears? He's now the third string TE on what was a lousy team last year. He got little to no playing time. Did anyone see him complain, or try and go back to Mother Russia? No. You're proud to be part of a legit squad, and you're supposed to give it your all no matter what.

Screw you, Vik. We'll find someone else to go down with the ship and like it.


Brad said...

thanks for co-opting my post you shmuck

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Your post = News/Anger
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Keggers said...

You guys a queefs.

Nice posts, try to space em out a bit, geniuses.