Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Football in Chicago

(Beware of the Madden Curse)

Now that the NFL season is over we can concentrate on the good Chicago football team, the Rush. The arena league is starting this week and the Rush are attempting to win their second championship in three seasons. Yes, its true there is a Chicago football team that has actually won a championship and not fucked it all up (slippery hands Grossman). I'll admit in the past I have never been a huge arena league fan: However, after the Bears completely shit the bed this year, I am looking forward to catching a couple of games (and maybe seeing a winning record).

Something else I like about the arena league: the players actually try hard and don't sit out for contract extensions (*cough* Benson *cough*). These guys are jumping, diving and sacrificing themselves to try and get a shot a the big leagues -- it's refreshing to see that kind of dedication. Finally, it seems here at the dong we never get sick of mentioning Mike Ditka (and who would), and it turns out Da Coach is part owner and full time ass kicker. He has been seen in the locker room reaming guys out and verbally abusing them into better play.

God I love him.

It seems like all the abuse and motivation has turned out well, since we won two years ago.

"The Jersey is hiding my enormous hard on. Thanks, Levitra!"

Consider me on the Rush bandwagon: I expect you all to be there as well.


Gepetto said...

This Ditka addiction just isn't healthy.

Marc said...

The guys in the arena league has pads on the walls. They are complete pussies. Also, most of them are playing to get a roster spot in the NFL. Hardly any of them pan out. They are second class athletes.