Wednesday, February 6, 2008


"Mystery lady in seat 103B, I want to fornicate with YOU!"

As you may have noticed, we 're a blog dedicated to the namesake of the almighty and amazing Luol Deng. Unfortunately, we have yet to form the will and necessary actions needed to somehow properly reward Luol for being, well, Luol Deng.

Until now.

Readers of the blog, we have a challenge for you -- put us in touch with someone who can get to Luol Deng, or put us in touch with Deng himself. We want to show him that we care, get him a T-Shirt (and obviously a photo), and maybe an interview. That's all. Just some photo evidence that we love him and that he has to wear a potato sack with holes cut for the feet instead of pants.

Dramatization: "Me Love Shirt."

We don't want photoshops of this -- we want the real deal. Help us get in touch with Mr. Deng himself and you will be handsomely rewarded (what that reward is, I don't know yet, but expect some free merch as a minimum).

Remember -- this is for all the marbles. If you can help in any way (addresses, phone numbers, bookies) E-Mail me at

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